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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Leaf Company 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Rocky Mountain Leaf Company. Our Company began in Aspen, Colorado in 1974 serving the ski areas of Colorado. Over the years we have expanded throughout the country and now are able to serve you where ever you are located. All of our products are Made in the USA.

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company produces Jewelry and Ornaments crafted from real leaves and cones. Our leaves and cones are carefully hand-picked for their size, shape and quality. Once the leaves and cones are dried, they are coated with copper to make them strong and durable. The copper coating also protects the shape and veining patterns. Once coated the leaves are electroplated with 24 karat Gold, Fine Silver or Iridescent Copper to give them their long lasting and beautiful finish.

We take pride in our hand-finished products and every item is 100% guaranteed! We hope you enjoy this unique product.

–  Real Leaf inside each piece of Jewelry and Ornament
–  100% Guaranteed Quality
–  Real Aspen Leaves from the Rocky Mountains
–  Prompt Delivery
–  Wholesale Only
–  Made in the USA